Vertical Menus

View our vertical menus for a spaceEfficient navigation solution, aligning items along the vertical axis.

Vertical Menus - Accent Dropdown

A vertical menu with an accentuated dropdown style.

Vertical Menus - Brand Dropdown

Vertical menu featuring a branded dropdown design.

Vertical Menus - Dark Dropdown

A dark-themed dropdown menu for vertical navigation.

Vertical Menus - Gray Dropdown

Vertical menu with a gray dropdown design, offering a neutral aesthetic.

Vertical Menus - Grid

Vertical menu arranged in a grid format.

Vertical Menus - Grid Accent

A grid-style vertical menu with accentuated elements.

Vertical Menus - Grid Centered

Vertical menu in a grid layout with centered alignment.

Vertical Menus - Grid Description

Grid-based vertical menu with additional descriptive elements.

Vertical Menus - Grid Gradients

Vertical menu in a grid layout featuring gradient styling.

Vertical Menus - Indicator

Vertical menu with indicators for active or focused items.

Vertical Menus - Pills

Vertical menu styled with pill-shaped elements.

Vertical Menus - Rounded

Vertical menu with rounded design elements.

Vertical Menus - Rounded Dropdown

A vertical menu with a rounded dropdown style.

Vertical Menus - Small

Compact vertical menu with smaller elements.

Vertical Menus - Square

Vertical menu with square-shaped elements.

Vertical Menus - State

Vertical menu with elements that change based on state (active, inactive, hover, etc.).

Vertical Menus - White Dropdown

Vertical menu with a clean, white dropdown style.