Accelerate Development. Elevate UX.

The ultimate fully coded UI kit and design system

Designed for both developers and designers, this toolkit empowers you to swiftly create robust, enterprise-level user interfaces with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

built with modern technologies.
Powered by React and Material UI
Tailored for both Next.js and Vite
Choose between Typescript or Javascript

always ready for deployment.

Elevate your digital solutions with our cutting-edge UI components

Blazing Performance

Engineered for optimal efficiency, our toolkit ensures smooth application performance under any load.

Theme Customization

Customize your app's look and feel with our comprehensive theming system for brand consistency.

Responsive Across Devices

Our fluid layouts and adaptive components ensure a sleek appearance on any screen, from mobile to desktop.

RTL Layout Support

Offering seamless support for right-to-left text, our toolkit facilitates app creation in various languages and scripts.

Multi-language Support

Localize your application effortlessly with our integrated tools for translation and internationalization.

Inclusive Accessibility

Designed with accessibility at its core, our components meet the latest WCAG standards for universal usability.



Ready-to-Use UI Components

Get quick access to a wide array of UI components. Ready for any project, they're built to integrate smoothly and enhance your user experience.

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always up to date and production-ready.

Build with Confidence Using Our Continuously Updated UI Kit

Regular Updates

Stay up-to-date with regular releases that bring new features and maintain optimal performance.

uifort 1.0.0

Last updated about 1 month ago

Comprehensive Documentation
Extensive resources for effortless setup and tailored customization, ensuring a smooth start.
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Starter Templates
Streamline your project's development from the ground up with ease, using the included starter templates.
3+ included
Figma Design Files
Detailed design schematics to efficiently structure and refine your dashboard's user interface.
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Accelerate Development. Elevate UX.

Versatile layouts, Rich color palettes, and smart dark mode

Crafted for both developers and designers, our toolkit offers the flexibility to build robust, enterprise-grade interfaces with superior ease and efficiency.


Adaptive Dark Mode

Improve user experience with our dark mode, designed for visual comfort in any lighting and optimized for energy savings.


layout shells

Includes a variety of shells, such as vertical, collapsed, and stacked, to match your design needs.


app pages

Pre-designed pages like file managers, calendars, and project dashboards to fast-track your app development.


form elements

A wide range of input types and controls to create intuitive and responsive forms for all applications.



An extensive collection of elements, from navigation to data display, ensuring comprehensive UI solutions.

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