User Auth

Discover our user authentication components, essential for secure login and user identity verification.

User Auth - Login

A standard layout for a login interface, offering essential fields for user authentication.

User Auth - Login Cover

A login layout with an additional cover image or graphic, enhancing visual appeal.

User Auth - Recover Password

A dedicated layout for users to recover or reset their passwords.

User Auth - Recover Password Cover

Provides a visually enriched interface for password recovery, incorporating a cover image to foster a calming user experience.

User Auth - Register

The registration interface, potentially with an engaging cover image or design.

User Auth - Register Cover

A comprehensive sign-up layout with an attractive cover image or design to create a strong first impression for new users.

User Auth - Verification Code

A layout designed for inputting verification codes, often used in multi-factor authentication processes.

User Auth - Verification Code Cover

This layout combines the functionality of code verification with additional graphic elements to enhance user engagement during the authentication phase.