Explore our tabs for organizing content into separate panes, allowing users to easily navigate between different sections.

Tabs - Alternate

An alternate design of tabs, offering a unique style different from the basic layout.

Tabs - Basic

The fundamental and standard design of tabs for navigation and content organization.

Tabs - Basic Alternate

A variation of the basic tabs, offering an alternative visual style.

Tabs - Basic Gradient

Large tabs with a basic gradient design for aesthetic and functional navigation.

Tabs - Line

Tabs with a line indicator, providing a clean and minimalist design.

Tabs - Line Alternate

A line-style tabs variant with an alternate design approach for visual distinction.

Tabs - Pills

Pill-shaped tabs, offering a more rounded and distinct tab navigation option.

Tabs - Rounded

Tabs with rounded corners, giving a softer and more approachable aesthetic.

Tabs - Scrollable

Tabs designed to be scrollable, suitable for accommodating a large number of tab items.

Tabs - Shadow

Tabs featuring a shadow effect, adding depth and emphasis to the tab structure.