View our table components, ideal for presenting complex data in a structured, tabular format for easy comprehension.

Tables - Employee Status

Table layout designed to display employee status and related metrics.

Tables - Files

Medium-sized table for organizing and displaying file information.

Tables - Invoices

Large table layout specifically designed for managing and viewing invoices.

Tables - Leaderboard

A table format that presents a leaderboard, ideal for competitions or ranking scenarios.

Tables - Orders List

Table designed to list orders, useful for tracking sales, inventory, or purchase orders.

Tables - Pending Tickets

Table layout focusing on tickets that are pending action or review.

Tables - Products

Large table for detailed listing and management of various products.

Tables - Projects

Large table format for organizing and presenting project-related information.

Tables - Recent Orders

Table showcasing recent orders, suitable for e-commerce or retail scenarios.

Tables - Recent Orders Card

A card-style table layout displaying recent orders with additional design elements.

Tables - Recent Patients

Table format for displaying recent patient records or appointments.

Tables - Security Logs

Large table dedicated to displaying and managing security logs and records.

Tables - Technical Support

Table designed for listing technical support queries or tickets.

Tables - Top Products

Table layout that highlights top-selling or most popular products.

Tables - Transactions List

Table format focusing on financial transactions, suitable for banking or accounting applications.

Tables - Users

Extra-large table layout for comprehensive display and management of user data.

Tables - Weekly Sales

Table showcasing weekly sales data, ideal for retail or sales performance monitoring.