Discover our switches, a graphical representation for toggling between two states, often used for preferences or settings.

Switches - Basic

A basic and straightforward switch design for simple on/off functionality.

Switches - Card

Switches integrated within a card layout, suitable for settings or preferences panels.

Switches - Card Dividers

Switches presented on cards with dividers, enhancing organization and clarity.

Switches - Card Dividers Middle

A variation of switch cards with dividers placed in the middle for a distinct layout.

Switches - Colors

Switches available in various colors, offering customization to match different UI themes.

Switches - List

Switches presented in a list format, ideal for settings or option lists.

Switches - Positions

Switches with various position options, providing flexibility in UI design.

Switches - Sizes

Switches offered in different sizes to accommodate different space requirements and design needs.

Switches - Switches

Switches styled differently that toggle interaction across the parent component.

Switches - Thermostat

This integration shows an UI built for a thermostat component.