Stacked Lists

View our stacked lists, where items are layered on top of each other, offering a unique way to present list data.

Stacked Lists - Account Security

This card variant comes with a header section.

Stacked Lists - Avatar Label Action

Stacked list featuring avatars, labels, and action items.

Stacked Lists - Chat

A stacked list layout designed for chat interfaces.

Stacked Lists - Doctors List

List focusing on doctor profiles, ideal for healthcare applications.

Stacked Lists - Landing Pages

List variant showcasing different landing page designs or options.

Stacked Lists - Latest Actions

A list displaying the most recent actions or activities.

Stacked Lists - Latest Issues

List detailing recent issues or concerns, suitable for tracking or management interfaces.

Stacked Lists - Members Select Input

A list design for selecting members, with input fields for filtering or adding members.

Stacked Lists - Messenger

A list layout designed for messenger or chat application interfaces.

Stacked Lists - Navigation Pills

A navigational list using pill-style elements for selecting different views or sections.

Stacked Lists - Open Tickets

List focused on displaying open or active tickets, commonly used in helpdesk or support tools.

Stacked Lists - Patient Notifications

List layout for showing notifications or updates specifically for patients.

Stacked Lists - Portfolio

List variant designed to showcase portfolio items or projects.

Stacked Lists - Pricing Plans

List layout ideal for presenting different pricing plans or packages.

Stacked Lists - Products Roadmap

A list format that outlines a roadmap or timeline for product development.

Stacked Lists - Recent Activity

List highlighting recent activities or user interactions.

Stacked Lists - Recent Files

List showing recently accessed or modified files.

Stacked Lists - Recent Transactions

A list layout focusing on recent financial transactions or account activity.

Stacked Lists - Shopping Card

A list variant used for shopping cart interfaces, showing selected items and pricing.

Stacked Lists - Top Grossing

List showcasing top-grossing items or categories, useful for sales and marketing insights.

Stacked Lists - Top Sellers

A list focused on top-selling products or services, highlighting market trends.

Stacked Lists - Top Trainers

List featuring top trainers or instructors, likely in a fitness or educational context.

Stacked Lists - Transactions

List layout displaying transaction details, commonly used in financial applications.

Stacked Lists - Upcoming Consults

A list of upcoming consultations or appointments, particularly relevant in healthcare settings.

Stacked Lists - Updates

List designed to inform users about recent updates or changes.

Stacked Lists - User Analytics

A list format that presents analytics for various metrics.

Stacked Lists - Users List

A list format that presents user profiles or account information.

Stacked Lists - Virtual Servers

List detailing virtual server instances or configurations.

Stacked Lists - Weekly Sales

A list focusing on sales data compiled on a weekly basis.