Pie Doughnut Charts

Explore our pie and doughnut charts for a visually appealing comparison of data in a circular format.

Pie Doughnut Charts - Account Balance

A pie or doughnut chart representing different aspects of account balances.

Pie Doughnut Charts - Customer Satisfaction

A chart showing customer satisfaction levels in different categories.

Pie Doughnut Charts - Expenses

This chart variant focuses on visualizing various expense categories.

Pie Doughnut Charts - Health Status

A pie chart depicting various health-related metrics, suitable for devices or metrics tracking.

Pie Doughnut Charts - Healthcare Status

A chart tailored for displaying different metrics in healthcare, such as patient demographics or treatment outcomes.

Pie Doughnut Charts - Hospital Departments

A pie or doughnut chart detailing the distribution of various departments within a hospital or healthcare facility.

Pie Doughnut Charts - Profile Goals

A chart typically used in personal profiles to illustrate goal completion or progress.

Pie Doughnut Charts - Sales Categories

This variant is focused on depicting sales data across different categories or products.

Pie Doughnut Charts - Usage Stats

Usage statistics gauges for monitoring and displaying usage data.