Implement our pagination controls for efficient navigation through large sets of data or content.

Pagination - Basic

A standard, straightforward pagination layout suitable for most applications.

Pagination - Buttons

Pagination using button elements for navigation between pages.

Pagination - Full Width

A full-width pagination layout, extending across the available space.

Pagination - Outlined

Pagination with an outlined style, providing a clear boundary for each page link.

Pagination - Ranges

Pagination that includes range selection, allowing users to jump between wider intervals.

Pagination - Rounded

Pagination with rounded edges for a softer, more modern look.

Pagination - Simple

A simplified version of pagination, focusing on minimalism and ease of use.

Pagination - Sizes

Various size options for pagination, allowing customization to fit different design needs.

Pagination - Table

Pagination designed specifically for use with tables, integrating seamlessly into tabular layouts.