Page Headings

Efficiently structure your page content with our versatile page headings, offering clear hierarchy and focus for your web app interface.

Page Headings - Basic

A standard page heading layout with a clear and straightforward design.

Page Headings - Basic Actions

A basic page heading format enhanced with action buttons for user interaction.

Page Headings - Breadcrumb

A page heading layout featuring breadcrumb navigation for enhanced user guidance.

Page Headings - Breadcrumbs Inner

A unique heading style that integrates breadcrumbs within the header for a seamless navigation experience.

Page Headings - Icon

A visually appealing page heading design that includes thematic icons for an enhanced visual appeal.

Page Headings - Icon Actions

Combines iconic elements with actionable buttons, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits.

Page Headings - Icon Breadcrumbs

This variant merges icons with breadcrumb trails, providing a rich and navigable heading structure.

Page Headings - Tabs

Incorporates tabbed navigation within the page heading, offering a clean and organized layout.

Page Headings - Tabs Breadcrumbs

A sophisticated layout that combines tabs and breadcrumbs for a comprehensive navigation experience.