View our notification styles, designed to inform users of updates, messages, or other important information.

Notifications - Backup

Notification layout focused on backup-related actions or status updates.

Notifications - Call Request

A notification design specifically for call requests or communication alerts.

Notifications - Failed

Notification variant indicating failed processes or errors.

Notifications - Failed Alternate

An alternative layout for notifications related to failures or errors.

Notifications - Message

Designed to display message-related notifications, possibly with user interaction options.

Notifications - Positions

Notifications with a focus on varying positions or layouts within the user interface.

Notifications - Request

Notification style tailored for requests, such as permissions or user actions.

Notifications - States

Notification variants designed to reflect different states or statuses.

Notifications - Update

A notification layout specifically for updates, such as software or status changes.

Notifications - User

User-centric notification design, likely incorporating user data or actions.