Explore various input field designs, crafted for userFriendly data entry with clear labels and intuitive interactions.

Input - Composed

An input variant with a composite structure, possibly including additional elements like icons or buttons.

Input - Filled

Filled-style input fields, offering a distinct visual presence with a solid background.

Input - Masks

Input fields with masking capabilities, useful for formatting content like dates or phone numbers.

Input - Number Selector

Small input component for selecting and adjusting numerical values.

Input - Outlined

Input fields with an outlined style, providing a clear boundary and focus.

Input - Outlined Label Inset

Outlined input fields with an inset label, combining clarity and efficient use of space.

Input - Outlined Label Inset Visible

A variant of the outlined input with a visibly inset label, enhancing label readability.

Input - Search

Input fields specifically designed for search functionality, often including a search icon.

Input - Validation

Input fields with built-in validation features, providing immediate feedback on user input.