Icon Grid Lists

Discover our icon grid lists, combining icons with labels for a visually engaging and informative display.

Icon Grid Lists - Accent Background

Grid lists with an accentuated background for visual emphasis.

Icon Grid Lists - Account Verification

Grid lists tailored for displaying account verification steps or statuses.

Icon Grid Lists - Activity Card

Large icon grid list designed to showcase various activities or tasks.

Icon Grid Lists - Avatar Cards

Icon grid lists incorporating avatar images, ideal for user-focused data.

Icon Grid Lists - Card Details

Grid lists designed to display detailed information in a card format.

Icon Grid Lists - Customers Status

Grids focusing on customer statuses, visually represented through icons.

Icon Grid Lists - Navigation Cards

Grid lists combining navigation elements with card layouts.

Icon Grid Lists - Offset Icons

Icon grids with an offset arrangement for a dynamic visual effect.

Icon Grid Lists - Offset Icons Left

Similar to offset-icons, but with a focus on the left alignment.

Icon Grid Lists - Performance

Extra small icon grid list for displaying key performance indicators or metrics.

Icon Grid Lists - Rounded Avatar Cards

Grid lists with rounded avatars, combining imagery with concise data.

Icon Grid Lists - Task Search

Large grid list for task searching, combining icons with efficient data presentation.