Horizontal Lists

Implement our horizontal lists for a linear and spaceEfficient display of items or information.

Horizontal Lists - Horizontal Icons

A horizontal list layout emphasizing icons for visual engagement.

Horizontal Lists - Horizontal Numbers

A numeric-focused horizontal list, ideal for rankings or statistics.

Horizontal Lists - Icon Grids

Grid-style icon presentations in a horizontal list format.

Horizontal Lists - Invoice Stats

Horizontal list layout for displaying key statistics and data on invoices.

Horizontal Lists - Reports

List designed for displaying various types of reports or analytics.

Horizontal Lists - Revenue Progress

A list layout tailored for tracking and displaying revenue progress.

Horizontal Lists - Stats Blocks

List format that presents key statistics or metrics in block format.

Horizontal Lists - Team Overview

Horizontal list display for summarizing team members and their roles or statuses.

Horizontal Lists - Top Users

Designed to showcase top users or performers in a horizontal list.