Empty States

Explore our empty state designs, offering visually appealing placeholders for areas without content or data.

Empty States - Basic

A standard empty state layout for general purposes.

Empty States - Basic Large

Empty state display with a basic large layout for placeholder content.

Empty States - Basic Small

A compact version of the basic empty state for smaller areas.

Empty States - Dashed Action

An empty state with a dashed outline and a call to action.

Empty States - Image Title

An empty state featuring an image with a title.

Empty States - Next Steps

This layout suggests the next steps a user can take.

Empty States - No Results

Used to indicate when no results are found in a search or query.

Empty States - Recommandations

A layout tailored for presenting recommendations or suggestions.

Empty States - Title Action

An empty state layout with a title and a primary action.

Empty States - Title Description

An empty state that combines a title with a descriptive text.

Empty States - Title Description Action

An empty state that features a title, description, and an action button.