Discover our drawer components, providing a hidden yet accessible space for navigation menus or additional information.

Drawers - Basic Dark Backdrop

Drawer variant with a dark backdrop, providing a strong visual contrast.

Drawers - Basic Invisible Backdrop

Drawer with an invisible backdrop for a seamless integration with the page.

Drawers - Basic Light Backdrop

Standard drawer style with a light backdrop for subtle visual separation.

Drawers - Dark

Drawer with a dark theme, offering a sleek and modern look.

Drawers - File Details

Drawer specifically designed to present file details or document information.

Drawers - Multi Column

Multi-column drawer for organizing content or navigation elements.

Drawers - Notifications

Drawer component for displaying notifications and alerts in a compact space.

Drawers - Widgets

Drawer featuring an outlined container, ideal for showing widgets data.

Drawers - Positions

Drawer showcasing various positioning options for different UI contexts.

Drawers - Wide Form

A wide drawer variant, suitable for forms or extended content.