Check out checkboxes that offer users a clear and straightforward way to make multiple selections in forms or surveys.

Checkboxes - Basic

Standard checkboxes for basic selection needs.

Checkboxes - Cards

Checkboxes integrated within card elements for interactive content.

Checkboxes - Cards Grid

Grid-style layout of checkboxes within card elements.

Checkboxes - Checkmarks

Distinctive checkmark style checkboxes for clear visibility.

Checkboxes - Colors

Colorful checkboxes offering visual variety and emphasis.

Checkboxes - Icon

Icon-based checkboxes for a graphical approach to selection.

Checkboxes - List

Checkboxes presented in a list format for organized selections.

Checkboxes - List Card

List format checkboxes integrated within card layouts.

Checkboxes - List Card Description

List card checkboxes complemented with descriptions for context.

Checkboxes - Select Avatar

Avatar selection checkboxes for user-centric interfaces.

Checkboxes - Sizes

Variety of checkbox sizes for different UI needs.