Discover a variety of button styles for various user actions, designed for clarity, usability, and aesthetic appeal.

Buttons - Icon

Soft button for icon-centric actions.

Buttons - Icon Buttons

Button with only icons.

Buttons - Leading Icons

Button with leading icon for clarity.

Buttons - Loading

Button with loading indicator.

Buttons - Outlined Primary

Primary button with a defined outline.

Buttons - Outlined Secondary

Secondary button with a distinct outline.

Buttons - Primary

Bold button for primary actions and CTAs.

Buttons - Rounded

Buttons that have a full border radius.

Buttons - Scenes

Various button designs adaptable to different scenes or contexts.

Buttons - Secondary

Versatile button for secondary actions.

Buttons - Soft

Smooth-edged button for secondary actions.

Buttons - States

Button showcasing various interactive states.

Buttons - Text Primary

Minimalist button emphasizing primary text.

Buttons - Text Secondary

Elegant button highlighting secondary text.

Buttons - Trailing Icons

Button with trailing icon for context.

Buttons - Upload

Button tailored for uploading actions.