View our badge designs, suitable for displaying counts, status, or categorization in a compact and informative way.

Badges - Alignments

Variety of badge positions showcasing alignment options on parent elements.

Badges - Avatar

Badges tailored for avatars, indicating user status or notifications.

Badges - Basic

Classic badge style for straightforward notifications and counts.

Badges - Dot

Minimalist dot badges to subtly indicate updates or presence.

Badges - Dot Large

An enlarged dot badge for more prominent visibility while maintaining a minimalist design.

Badges - Dot Ring

Dot badge encircled by a ring, combining the simplicity of the dot with an added layer of emphasis.

Badges - Inline

Badges designed to fit seamlessly within textual content or inline elements.

Badges - Overlaps

Badge style designed to overlap onto container elements, typically icons or avatars.