Choose from a collection of avatars, representing users or entities in a visually appealing and personalized manner.

Avatars - Avatar Group Tooltips

Set of overlapped avatars showcasing shared content or group collaboration with tooltips.

Avatars - Groups

Cluster of avatars representing groups or teams.

Avatars - Icon

Avatar with icons for generic user representation or specific roles.

Avatars - Image

Standard avatar displaying user profile pictures.

Avatars - Initials

Avatar showcasing user initials, ideal for when an image is unavailable.

Avatars - State Error

Large avatar element indicating an error state.

Avatars - State Info

Large avatar element representing informational state.

Avatars - State Light

Large avatar element for light-themed state representation.

Avatars - State Primary

Large avatar element for primary state visualization.

Avatars - State Secondary

Large avatar element depicting a secondary state.

Avatars - State Success

Large avatar element symbolizing a success state.

Avatars - State Warning

Large avatar element for warning state indication.

Avatars - Variants

Variety of avatars with different shapes, sizes, and appearances.

Avatars - With Badge

Avatar adorned with badges to indicate statuses or notifications.

Avatars - With Text

Avatar combined with textual information, enhancing user context.