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Vue.js Templates 2019

In programming you cannot rely on just one programming language, and the field pushes you to learn new things. In the activity I carry out I noticed that using Laravel you will receive bundled Vue.js as well as other tools like Bootstrap and jQuery. What should you know before working with Vue.js and Laravel?
  1. Php and Laravel at the basic level
  2. Basic JavaScript
  3. PHP setup on laptop or PC
  4. Have composer installed on PC or laptop
What is Vue.js? In short, Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Vue at its core is focused on the view layer only of an application, so integrating with other platforms or existing applications is really easy. You can also use Vue on its own to build sophisticated single page applications. Best practice: Use Vue.js tempalte with Laravel How does Vue.js work? Vue tries to solve these challenges by using a virtual DOM to manage the view a user sees. Essentially, Vue creates a copy of the DOM and stores it. When a change is made to any part of the DOM, it updates only that section of the DOM without reloading the DOM. This means that your comments would be updated without you even noticing. Vue offers reactive and composable visualization components. Vue will respond to events and instantly trigger changes to the DOM. Its composable components can be selected and assembled in different combinations to meet any need arising. You can have components for anything and reuse them, however you need. Why should you use Vue with Laravel?
  1. Everything happens in the frontend
  2. Vue with Laravel make the components reactive and adapt to the conditions
  3. Contributes to the optimized and complex creation of a front end page
  4. Single page application
  5. Easy to learn and use
Both Laravel and Vue.js work perfectly together, but in order to save your time and work it is advisable to purchase a Vue template that will support the development of your project in the shortest possible time. Why start from a Vue template?
  1. Time means money
Purchasing a Vue template will make your project progress much faster than you imagined. Than you can build a project from 0, better invest a sum of $ 100 or whatever it is and buy a template. This amount will be amortized in just a few days.
  1. Save money
Creating a project from 0 can cost you quite a lot and definitely more than $ 100 and even if you pay someone definitely it would take more time so in a small calculation, buying a template is a suitable and cost-effective solution
  1. Fast forward the project
Purchasing a template will make your project move forward with at least 1-2 weeks or even more. Use all the software and programming languages ​​you need to make your project a real success.

Bamburgh Vue.js UI Kit FREE FREE

This UI Kit is part of the Bamburgh UI System.

This free UI Kit features the most common and useful elements, styles and components that will help you quickly bootstrap your project. It's powered by Vue.js, VueCLI and BootstrapVue.

Bamburgh Vue.js UI Kit PRO PRO

This UI Kit is part of the Bamburgh UI System.

Rapidly build apps & websites with this extensive PRO UI Kit that is built upon Vue, Vue CLI and BootstrapVue. There are over 300 components, widgets and presentation blocks perfect for building apps & websites.

Bamburgh Vue.js Admin Dashboard PRO PRO

This Admin Template is part of the Bamburgh UI System.

Bamburgh Vue Admin Dashboard PRO is the perfect solution for building highly interactive applications and websites, using modern technologies, all powered by Vue.js

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