Bamburgh UI Kit PRO

Use this premium UI Kit to build fully fledged applications or presentation websites. It includes over 300 custom built components & widgets. Also, we've set up 12 unique hero sections for creating landing pages.

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Statistics Boxes

These boxes are generally used to show numbers. charts and generic statistics.


We've included a popular and highly customizable charts plugin in this Premium UI Kit.

Bootstrap 4 Components

We've included and restyled all Bootstrap 4 elements in this Beautiful UI Kit.

30+ Cards Styles

Cards are important. That's why we've created a ton of them in this UI Kit.

10+ Form Widgets

All the common required form widgets and included and integrated with the same visual style.


Bamburgh UI Kit PRO comes with 3 different style wizards included. Horizontal and vertical layouts available.


Beside the generic Bootstrap carousel, we've added and styled the Slick slideshow plugin.


There are over 3500 icons available in the two packaged we integrated: FontAwesome and MaterialDesign.

50+ Presentation Blocks

You can use them to create websites, not just applications. Everything for building a perfect site for your company is included.

Widgets, Elements & Components

Bamburgh UI Kit PRO contains 300+ elements, widgets and components. Below you'll find some of the features that are maked in this beautiful UI Kit.


UI Elements

Bamburgh UI Kit PRO features easy to use, easy to integrate user interface elements, widgets and components. Over 200 UI comps included.


Form widgets

Everything you need to get started, in terms of forms related elements. Datepicker, slider, calendar and many others...



100% custom styled tables included. Also, we added a few examples of sortable tables, with various styles. Check out the demos!



We've included only the most popular solutions included because we also don't want bloated code in Bamburgh UI Kit PRO.


Presentation blocks

Testimonials, pricing tables, hero sections and more. Built with UX in mind, beautiful modern designs and always fully responsive.


Landing pages

We put together some presentation blocks to create these awesome landing pages. Create your own, with examples from documentation.

Live Previews

Beautifully Designed UI Kit Fully Coded Live Demos

Find out what are the main features for this Beautiful UI Kit and what's included in Bamburgh UI Kit PRO

Purchase this UI Kit

Enjoy a perfectly crafted UI Kit that will surely improve not only your user interfaces but also development times.

Bamburgh UI Kit PRO Developer License


Best suited for individuals building personal or commercial, non-SaaS projects.

  • ** Developer License included
  • Design source files
    (Photoshop, Sketch and/or Adobe XD)
  • Use the product in an end-product that is “sold”
    (eg. SaaS)
Bamburgh UI Kit PRO Developer + Designer License

Developer + Designer

Best suited for individuals who need the design source fields, to create, for example, protoypes or wireframes.

  • ** Developer License included
  • Design source files
    (Photoshop, Sketch and/or Adobe XD)
  • Use the product in an end-product that is “sold”
    (eg. SaaS)
Bamburgh UI Kit PRO Enterprise License


Best suited for companies building end-products sold as software as a service.

  • ** Enterprise License included
  • Design source files
    (Photoshop, Sketch and/or Adobe XD)
  • Use the product in an end-product that is “sold”
    (eg. SaaS)

* All purchase options are billed every year only for support and updates and the included content may vary based on your license selection. You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. The license is not conditioned by the status of your subscription.

** You can review the complete license terms for the Developer and Enterprise Licenses on the UiFort License Details page.

All pricing plans include the following
License details
  • Lifetime perpetual license
  • Access to updates (12 months)
  • Unlimited premium support requests(12 months)
  • Personal & Commercial use

UI Kit Features

Below you'll find some features that makes Bamburgh UI Kit PRO stand out from the crowd

SCSS Stylesheets

All Bamburgh UI Kit PRO stylesheets are all build with SCSS making it very easy to customise and propagate variables changes across all included components.

Clean code

Each element, each component, each page has been carefully coded using the same consistent style and structure.

Modular architecture

We've split the assets architecture into a logical structure making it easy to remove or add components or pages.

Example pages

We've included in Bamburgh UI Kit PRO examples pages & starter kits, that will boost you project start.

Icon fonts

Bamburgh UI Kit PRO has at least 2 different font icons integrated. You'll have at least 2500+ icons at your disposal.

Easy to customise

To customise your project, use either the included CSS helper classes integrated in Bamburgh UI Kit PRO or SCSS variables that can be compiled using the build tools.

Google fonts

You can easily change the included Google font to a different one, just by adding a line of code in your app head tag.

Consistent design

We use mainly two frameworks: Bootstrap 4 or Material Design. All elements and components are styled using the same design approach, the same color/spacing/size and the same common SCSS variables.


Bamburgh UI Kit PRO is 100% compatible with whatever framework solution we chose for this template.

Fully responsive

We're mainly using Bootstrap 4 powerful responsive utilities, making our products perfectly adaptable to any screen size, desktops to mobiles.

Optimised assets

Performance is an important factor when serving website or apps to customers. We took great care and managed to obtain almost a perfect speed score for Bamburgh UI Kit PRO.

Powerful documentation

Bamburgh UI Kit PRO has a separate documentation which is available online and is packed with code examples, explanations and tutorials.

Customers reviews

Read how customers around the world use our services to build their projects

I've been using Bamburgh for a while now, one of the best things I've used, has been able to skip months of development by using it.
I'm sure I've rated your work as 5 stars before, but have some more as the quality of your theme is getting [somehow] better and better with every update! Keep up the superb work!
Ryan Taylor

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