Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO

Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO

This admin template is a complete frontend solution for easy-building applications or presentation websites. It’s fully responsive and designed by professional UI/UX designers and developers.

It contains 350+ custom-made, beautiful components, widgets, pages, dashboards and applications.

Initial release: January 19, 2020 Last updated: May 11, 2020 Changelog

? Beautiful clean design

Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO is built entirely on React and uses the popular starter kit Create React App from Facebook.

It has a beautiful design, as you can see from the live previews and it contains a LOT of components and features. You can read further down this page details regarding the options that make this admin dashboard great.

When we designed the initial mockups for this admin template we set our target for a clean, scalable design that can be integrated or adapted to multiple application niches. We think we achieved that, let us know what you think in the comments section.


? Extended and customized Bootstrap

We fully customized the Bootstrap designs to create a tailored, modern design in this admin template.

Together with all the easy-to-use features that it incorporates it, Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO will become your best development companion allowing you to create in less time, more beautiful applications.

Another key feature is that this admin dashboard template comes integrated with an Ui Kit (this is also available separately – for people that are not developing apps) that will allow you to create a presentation website for the application you’re building, all with the same design vision and style.


? Modern, always up to date React components

Now, regarding the technical aspects of this admin template, I can tell you that Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO doesn’t rely on jQuery and that it’s powered by Webpack, NPM or Yarn. If you’re wondering, this template doesn’t use an ejected Create React App version, but you are free to eject it based on your development needs.

In terms of core widgets, we’re using Reactstrap together with Create React App. More informations regarding versions are available in the documentation.

Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO is part of our Bamburgh UI System which includes admin dashboards and Ui kits for multiple frontend and backend technologies.


? Premium Support

We stand by our products and the developers that use them. If you’re having issues or you’re just stuck working with any of our products, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to step in and help!

Admin Template Details
Initial release
January 19, 2020
Last updated on
May 11, 2020
React pages
React widgets
Documentation files
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Lifetime perpetual license
Access to updates (12 months)
Unlimited premium support requests(12 months)
Personal & Commercial use
Available licenses
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Admin Template Key Features

Curious about what features this Admin Template has to offer? Scroll no more, we've put together a list of features below.

Multiple User Pages

Bamburgh contains example pages for login, register, recover password, profile and server statuses.

12 Custom Dashboard Pages

There are twelve pre-built dashboards available, but you can build more, easily, using only the included elements.

Premium UI Kit Included

This admin template comes packed with an Ui Kit that will help you create presentation websites in the same style as the app you're building.

Multiple Sidebar Styles

You can choose from one of the 50+ available color schemes for the sidebar section of this admin dashboard template.

Advanced Layouts and Options

You can customize things like if the sidebar, footer or header should be fixed or static, change between multiple page title styles and colors or even enable things like sidebar userbox and footer.

Collapsed Sidebars

If you navigate in the live preview to the applications pages you'll see the collapsed/mini sidebar in action. It's fully customizable.

8 Application Pages

Bamburgh comes with eight different applications designs already built. From Mailbox, Projects to Chat and App Widgets.

350+ Components

There are over 350 customized React components available in this template. Check out any of the 12 Cards examples pages we've set up.

50+ React Widgets

We've integrated over 50+ React widgets in this admin dashboard template. Forms, Sliders, Charts. Loaders, Progress and many many more goodies.

103 React pages included

Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO includes exactly 103 React example pages covering all use cases for developing user interfaces for apps & presentation websites.

78 customized React widgets

With some help from our friends below, this Admin Template has exactly 78 widgets integrated with the same consistent design and UI style from Bamburgh UI Design System.

React DOM

This package serves as the entry point to the DOM and server renderers for React. It is intended to be paired with the generic React package, which is shipped as react to npm.

React Router

This package provides the core routing functionality for React Router

React Router DOM

DOM bindings for React Router.

React Redux

Official React bindings for Redux.


Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps.


A tiny (229B) utility for constructing className strings conditionally.

React scripts

This package includes scripts and configuration used by Create React App.


Stateless React Components for Bootstrap 4.

Framer Motion

An open source and production-ready motion library for React on the web.

Bootstrap Core

Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world’s most popular front-end component library.

React ApexCharts

React ApexCharts is a wrapper component for ApexCharts ready to be integrated into your react.js application to create stunning React Charts.

Apex Charts

A modern JavaScript charting library to build interactive charts and visualizations with simple API.

RC Switch

switch ui component for react.

RC Tree

Tree UI component for React.

RC Timepicker

Fully integrated React timepicker widget.

RC Select

Easy to use custom selects for React.

RC Pagination

Easy to use React Pagination Component.

Formik React

Easy to use React validation components compatible for reactstrap.

React Typeahead

A React-based typeahead that relies on Bootstrap for styling and was originally inspired by Twitter's typeahead.js

React Dropzone

Simple React hook to create a HTML5-compliant drag'n'drop zone for files.

React Step Wizard

A stepper or wizard widget for React.

React Draft WYSIWYG Editor

A Wysiwyg editor built using ReactJS and DraftJS libraries.

Draft.js WYSIWYG Editor

Draft.js is a JavaScript rich text editor framework, built for React and backed by an immutable model.


A library for converting DraftJS Editor content to plain HTML.


A library for converting plain HTML to DraftJS Editor content.

React Quill

A Quill component for React.

React Gauge Chart

React component for displaying a gauge chart, using D3.js


Showcase your app to new users or explain functionality of new features.

React Ladda Buttons

LaddaButton is a React component that renders a Ladda button. You can change the button's loading state and progress using the loading and progress props.

Date FNS

date-fns provides the most comprehensive, yet simple and consistent toolset for manipulating JavaScript dates in a browser & Node.js.

Date-io FNS

Date-io adapter for date-fns

React Big Calendar

An events calendar component built for React and made for modern browsers (read: IE10+) and uses flexbox over the classic tables-ception approach.

React Datepicker

A simple and reusable Datepicker component for React.

React Slick Carousel

Carousel component built with React. It is a React port of Slick carousel.

Chart.js for React

Chart.js wrapper for React powered applications.


Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers

React Context Menu

ContextMenu in React with accessibility support.

React CountUp

A configurable React component wrapper around CountUp.js.

Immutability helper

Mutate a copy of data without changing the original source.

React Drag & Drop

Drag and Drop functionality for React powered applications.

React DnD HTML5 Backend

The officially supported HTML5 backend for React DnD.

React Table

React Table is a lightweight, fast and extendable datagrid built for React.


A name generator for Node that generates random, url-friendly names.

Match sorter

Simple, expected, and deterministic best-match sorting of an array in JavaScript

React Bootstrap Table Next

Bootstrap powered dynamic tables for React.

React Bootstrap Table Next Filter

react-bootstrap-table2 separate the filter core code base to react-bootstrap-table2-filter, so there's a little bit different when you use column filter than react-bootstrap-table.

React Color

13 Different Pickers - Sketch, Photoshop, Chrome and many more

React Select

A flexible and beautiful Select Input control for ReactJS with multiselect, autocomplete, async and creatable support.

React Dropdown Select

Customisable dropdown select for React.

React Clipboard

Copy to clipboard React component.

React Dual Listbox

A feature-rich dual listbox for React.

React Text Mask

Input masking component for React. Made with attention to UX.

React noUiSlider

Lightweight range slider component for React.

React Autosize Textarea

A light replacement for built-in textarea component which automatically adjusts its height to match the content.

React Cropper

An image cropping tool for React based on Cropper.js

React Loading Skeleton

Make beautiful, animated loading skeletons that automatically adapt to your app.

React Block UI

Easy way to block the user from interacting with your UI.

React Spinners

A collection of loading spinners with React.js

React Leaflet

React components for πŸƒ Leaflet maps.

Leaflet Maps

Leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps.

React Google Maps

component written over a small set of the Google Maps API. It allows you to render any React component on the Google Map.

React Feather Icons

Collection of simply beautiful open source icons for React.js. Each icon is designed on a 24x24 grid with an emphasis on simplicity, consistency and readability.

React FontAwesome Icons

Official React component for Font Awesome 5

React FontAwesome Icons Core

Official React component for Font Awesome 5

React Ionicons

Ionicons is a completely open-source icon set with 700+ icons integrated perfectly with React.

React FlagKit

Bringing world flags to React, in style.

React SweetAlerts

An awesome replacement for JavaScript's alert.

React Toastify

πŸŽ‰ React-Toastify allows you to add notification to your app with ease. No more nonsense!

React Sweet Progress

A way to quickly add a react progress bar to your app.

React Circular Progressbar

A circular progressbar component, built with SVG and extensively customizable.

React Perfect Scrollbar

This is a wrapper to allow use perfect-scrollbar in React.

Hamburgers navigation buttons

Hamburgers is a collection of tasty CSS-animated hamburger icons. Also included is the source as a Sass library. It’s modular and customizable, so cook up your own hamburger.

React Rating

React Rating is a react rating component which supports custom symbols both with inline styles and glyphicons found in popular CSS Toolkits like Fontawesome or Bootstrap.

React Trend Sparklines

Rich data visualizations for applications, powered by React.

React Sparklines

Beautiful and expressive sparklines component for React.

We value our customers

We try to resolve any issues you might have as soon as possible. We've set up a set of tools to help in your development endeavours.

Github Repository

Each Admin Template has a Github repo where we track changelogs, issues and suggestions. PRO Admin Templates customers can request private Github access to say in sync with all our code commits.

Online Documentation

Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO has an extensive documentation available online which contains code examples for each section or component available in the live preview.

Support Tickets

You'll be up and running in no time, thanks to our detailed individual docs sections packed with explanations and code snippets.

Discord Channel

Say hello, ask for help or just chat. We have a Discord channel ready for that. Also, holders of a PRO license can ask for help with priority.

Included Individual Apps

fully coded & included starter kits

With every purchase of Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO you will get the following standalone application templates.

Admin Templates Highlights

Below you'll find some features that makes Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO stand out from the crowd

SCSS Stylesheets

All Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO stylesheets are built with SCSS which makes it easy to customize and propagate variables changes across all included components.

Clean code

Each element, each component, each page has been carefully coded using the same consistent style and structure.

Modular architecture

We've split the assets architecture into a logical structure making it easy to remove or add components or pages.

Example pages

We've included in Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO examples pages & starter kits, that will boost you project start.

Icon fonts

Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO has at least 2 different font icons integrated. You'll have at least 2500+ icons at your disposal.

Easy to customise

To customize your project, use either the included CSS helper classes integrated in Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO or SCSS variables that can be compiled using the build tools.

Google fonts

You can easily change the included Google font to a different one, just by adding a line of code in your app head tag.

Consistent design

We use mainly two frameworks: Bootstrap 4 or Material Design. All elements and components are styled using the same design approach, the same color/spacing/size and the same common SCSS variables.


Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO is 100% compatible with whatever framework solution we chose for this template.

Fully responsive

We're mainly using Bootstrap 4 powerful responsive utilities, making our products perfectly adaptable to any screen size, desktops to mobiles.

Optimized assets

Performance is an important factor when serving website or apps to customers. We took great care and managed to obtain almost a perfect speed score for Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO.

Powerful documentation

Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO has a separate documentation which is available online and is packed with code examples, explanations and tutorials.

Purchase this Admin Template

Enjoy a perfectly crafted Admin Template that will surely improve your user interfaces, increase productivity and reduce development time.

Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO Developer License

Developer License

Best suited for individuals building personal or commercial, non-SaaS projects.

  • ** Developer License included
  • 6 months updates & support requests
  • Design source files
    (Photoshop, Sketch and/or Adobe XD)
  • Use the product in an end-product that is β€œsold”
    (eg. SaaS)
Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO Developer License

Developer + Designer License

Best suited for individuals who need the design source fields, to create, for example, prototypes or wireframes.

  • ** Developer License included
  • 12 months updates & support requests
  • Design source files
    (Photoshop, Sketch and/or Adobe XD)
  • Use the product in an end-product that is β€œsold”
    (eg. SaaS)
Bamburgh React Admin Dashboard with Reactstrap PRO Developer License

Enterprise License

Best suited for companies building end-products sold as software as a service.

  • ** Enterprise License included
  • 24 months updates & support requests
  • Design source files
    (Photoshop, Sketch and/or Adobe XD)
  • Use the product in an end-product that is β€œsold”
    (eg. SaaS)

** You can review the complete license terms for the Developer, Developer + Designer and Enterprise Licenses on the UiFort Licenses Details page.

All pricing plans include the following
Licenses details
  • Lifetime perpetual license
  • Updates & support requests (6 months - Developer; 12 months - Developer + Designer; 24 months - Enterprise)
  • Personal & Commercial use

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