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When you want to start a startup or start a project it is quite difficult because financial resources have always been and will always be a problem, but some things should not be free. Let’s say you want to create a website, a mobile application or an innovative project. Often we look for the cheapest or free things, but free or cheap does not mean that it is also what you need. For this reason, we recommend that you do not build large projects on free items because they come with advantages and disadvantages. is one of the sites that offers you free bootstrap templates that you can try live, download and use. This sounds great, but you have to read all the details when you want to use a free bootstrap template. Both UiFort and other sites provide you with templates, but these have limitations. For example Bamburgh Admin Dashboard has the free version available on the site, but this is created to show you that the product is worth buying. What is the difference between the free and the paid versions? FREE Version X – Extended Support X – Use in Commercial projects X – Presentation Website Blocks X – 150+ Components Included X – Multiple Layouts / Colors Variations X – Multiple pages & examples X – User Pages & Applications X – No Backlinks X – Extended SASS Files   PRO Version ✓ – Extended Support ✓ – Use in Commercial projects ✓ – Presentation Website Blocks ✓ – 150+ Components Included ✓ – Multiple Layouts / Colors Variations ✓ – Multiple pages & examples ✓ – User Pages & Applications ✓ – No Backlinks ✓ – Extended SASS Files     Analyzing the differences above, what will you choose? As I said, you can use a bootstrap template free to have fun and try to put your own ideas into practice, but when you try to use the project for commercial purposes, and this is based on the work of a team, you may have legal problems. Is a bootstrap template worth an investment of 100 euros? Definitely yes. Regardless of the project you are going to carry out, our recommendation is to download the free versions, analyze them and walk through them and then make the upldate to the paid version, which brings in addition a lot of other functions that will help you. business to grow much faster. Purchasing a bootstrap template will save you a lot of time and even money. I don’t want to imagine how long it would take to write all the code to create a wordpress theme or a dashboard from 0. We also have to consider the time needed to find a harmonious design that fits in with the project idea. Tried a free bootstrap template, but when you have decided that a specific bootstrap will fit well on your project, upgrade to the paid version so you can finish the project in a much shorter time.

Bamburgh Vue.js UI Kit FREE FREE

This UI Kit is part of the Bamburgh UI System.

This free UI Kit features the most common and useful elements, styles and components that will help you quickly bootstrap your project. It's powered by Vue.js, VueCLI and BootstrapVue.

Bamburgh UI Kit FREE FREE

This UI Kit is part of the Bamburgh UI System.

This free UI Kit is a slimmed down version of the PRO version, but it also has everything designed, coded and tested to perfection. It's based on Bootstrap and jQuery, W3C valid codebase and modular stylesheets.

Bamburgh Admin Dashboard FREE FREE

This Admin Template is part of the Bamburgh UI System.

This free admin template is powered by the latest versions of Bootstrap & jQuery. It's fully coded, responsive and features a nice solid design, integrated with Bamburgh UI System.

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