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Quickly build beautiful application dashboards and websites even if you don't have design or frontend skills.

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I've been using Bamburgh for a while now, one of the best things I've used, has been able to skip months of development by using it.
I'm sure I've rated your work as 5 stars before, but have some more as the quality of your theme is getting [somehow] better and better with every update! Keep up the superb work!
Ryan Taylor

Icon fonts

All available UI Kits and Admin Dashboard Templates have at least 2 different font icons integrated. You'll have at least 2500+ icons at your disposal.

Easy to customise

To customise your project, use either the included CSS helper classes integrated in all our UI Kits and Admin Templates or SCSS variables recompileable with the included build tools.

Google fonts

You can easily change the included Google font to a different one, just by adding a line of code in your app head tag.

Consistent design

We use mainly two frameworks: Bootstrap 4 or Material Design. All elements and components are styled using the same design approach, the same color/spacing/size and the same common SCSS variables.

Design source files

Most of UiFort products come with included layered design source files.

Adobe XD
Improve design


We already took care of the visual part for you. Concentrate on what you know best and leave the UI design and UX to us.

UiFort UI Kits and Admin Dashboards are suitable for both designers and developers. Designers can use the Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD or Figma designs to create good looking wireframes and prototypes. Developers can put together any of our already created widgets and components to create new apps pages or websites.

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Live example

Below you'll find an example from our "Statistics boxes" collection that you could use to build your application dashboard, for example.

UiFort Avatars
UiFort Avatars
UiFort Logo

Let's choose the tools you're going to use for your project 😀

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Increase productivity

Quick & fast

You'll be up and running in no time, thanks to our detailed individual docs sections packed with explanations and code snippets.

If you're a developer you don't have to bother with design, designers, wireframes, prototypes, etc. All you have to do is start putting together any of our components to create your app or website.

If you're a designer you don't have to bother with understanding the development restrictions, if you create your wireframes or proposals based on the included design source files components.

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Our UI Kits and Admin Dashboard Templates are 100% compatible with existing Bootstrap powered projects.

Fully responsive

We're mainly using Bootstrap 4 powerful responsive utilities, making our products perfectly adaptable to any screen size, desktops to mobiles.

Optimised assets

Performance is an important factor when serving website or apps to customers. We took great care and managed to obtain almost a perfect speed score for all of our products.

Powerful documentation

Separate documentations are available for each of our products, packed with code examples, explanations and tutorials.

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